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Siliciumi (Si)

  • Has a positive impact on kalogen;
  • Obstructs the sinking of calcium (Ca) in the tissues and removes the possibility of bonding with the bones;
  • It keeps the arteries from expanding even when there are large amounts of cholesterol in blood;
  • Includes all other tissues in our body and affects their growth;
  • It is excellent analgesic;
  • Silicium has good affects bones, node, heart, blood, skin, eyes, and much more.

Taking silicium regularly, affects our body to be healthy and so we raise our quality of life.
In his composition of this water contains SiO2 (18:36%) and other components are also required to organism. Specialy SiO2 because silicium effects in the body are multidimensional, the aktivatiors up the protective effects. But still not completely unbuttoned all the options that are thought to be the body silicium play as decisive factor in many biochemical processes occurring in the human body as carbon plays a crucial role (c) for organic compounds. Silicium scientifically proven that the body does not produce, but he loses constantly. Human aging exactly is linked directly to loss of body silicium. So aging persons have reduced body more and more wrinkled. Our body loses constantly silicium, so must admit silicium uninterrupted through the body through food or water. In that sense, water “Miros” enriches tissues of different organisms, the makeup of siliciumis, which comes in a range of different interactions that make good human Silicium gives very little food, mainly through vegetables (potatoes, etc.) and cereals (barley, corn, wheat, etc.), although it is vital element or bioelement.
Miros water has 8.30 mg/l Silicium


Calciumi (Ca)

Calcium builds bones and teeth, regulates muscle activity and nerve signal monitoring; regulates the work of the heart, secretion of hormones and along with magnesium (Mg), provides the necessary electricity to the heart. Symptoms of lack of calcium are pasty skin, excessive sweating, nervous, cramp, vomiting and much more. Absence for a long time, affects ostoporose (old age sickness), increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack. Excess amount affects loss of appetite, losing weight, and uncontrolled beating of the heart.

Miros water has 36.8 mg / l. Ca


Cl along with Na consists of kitchen salt (NaCl). Excessive amount of salt, however, is not healthy (maximum 6 grams per day) but also if it lacks affects certain disorders in the body. Sodium and chlorine to keep printing osmotike cells, as part of the stomach acids. These minerals play an important role in digestive. Symptoms of lack: create less acid in stomach, abnormal defecation. Chlorine water is given as detergent, disinfectant tool.
Miros water has 19.14 mg/l Chlorine

Sodium (Na)

Sodium is an essential element for changing between cells and intercellular conduits. It is also necessary for muscle performance. Allowing contractions, along with chlorine, the salt form of cooking.
Symptoms of lack of us are: tirednes, pain and cramp in muscles, in some cases make the break in important functions in the body.
Miros water has 22.65 mg/l Sodium


Potassium regulates the water flow into the cell, maintains the osmotic process in organism.
Also is responsible for monitoring the nerve impulses and muscle contractions, helps to balance the fluids,
but also prevents dehydration and collecting excess water. Some indications show that it is necessary for
treatment of cancer. Desirable amount of day is from 3 to 4000 mg. This amount should usually be
obtained through the food.

Bikarbonates(HCO3 )

Affect the maintenance of equilibrium of acids in the stomach (stomach) of the bowel as well as digestive.

Miros water has 366 mg/l. Bikarbonates

Magnezium (Mg)

Water Miros has 20.67 mg/l Mg; – Blood is 37.8 mg / l Mg; – Muscles has 100 ppm; – Bones are 700-1800 ppm; – The amount needed is 250-380 mg daily. The person has 70 kg, containing 19 g Mg. Magnesium is the 4th element of the spread of the organism elements. Human can have up to 24 g Mg. Half of it is in the bones. Magnesium operates in over 300 enzymatic systems. It is important to follow the reflexes neuromuscular for bone mineralization, is responsible for calcium channels, and directly takes part in the creation of energy, connected to a string of ATP. Lack of magnesium is presented as a lack of skills in the feed. Lack of magnesium often not observed, it can disorder caused as a result of the digestive system, or as a result of diabetes, kidney damage, Chronic alcoholism, etc. Lack of magnesium is always followed by the change of calcium and potassium. As a result of lack of magnesium can cause conception of blood vessels. Symptoms are: cramp in muscles, irritation, salivary disorder, effort, vomiting. Lack can cause coronary heart disease, Hypotension (low blood pressure), osteoporosis (loss of bone mass).
Miros water has 20.67 mg/l Magnezium

Sulphates(SO4 )

Sulphates, among them sulfur, is indispensable for maintaining the mother’s cells healthy. He also enters into the composition of many enzymes. The absence of sulfur in the body, affects non regeneration regularly damaged cells. So he definitely should be compensated.

Miros water has 35.90 mg S04/l Sulphates