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About Miros

Natyral water factory “Miros”in Mirosal Water is substance without alternative and very necessary to use everyday.

As we know 70% of our body consists of water, as its main building matter and as the basis of overall metabolism in the body. Except role of a builder water dissolves fats, regulates chemical processes, absorbs and pulls out harmful substances from the body

A human being cannot live more than 3 to5 days without water, as for without food it can prolong it longer. For this reason health care means also the quality of water we drink. Many diseases are caused by dehydration (water loss), or poor quality of water.
It is important to know that natyral waters, less mineral waters, bring the body less load on the functions of internal organs after long use. So nutrition’s (those dealing with the role of nutrition to the body), say that mineral water can never replace natural water

Daily needs of the adult human drinking water are 40-100 ml / kg of body weight. In special cases, needs to reach 150 ml / kg of body weight. This means that human adult weighting 50 kg needs 2 liters of water per day. Composition of natural water, mainly contains all components necessary for our body: minerals, salts, olio-minerals in amounts that do not have negative impact on the body
Water “Miros” as underground water, which is extracted from the soil depth of 150 m, water is a rare constitutional composition and as such can be used as additional ingredients for food, since there is silicium. This water can be used to replace daily needs of sicilium, ranging from 10 to 40 mg per day. Ideal would be the amount of 30 mg per day silicium. This element should be used in consistency because food gives little silicium, so this should be compensated. Ideal for the compensation is water “Miros


Natural waters usually contain 5 to 25 mg / l silicium, but there are cases where the siliciums is well over 100 mg / l. Water “Miros” contains 18:30 mg / l Si02 and 8.30 mg / l as

Our body is related to the amount of silicium, people usually age because the amount of silicium gets reduced from their body.
To take organic silicium is not dangerous. Our body absorbs easily through the kidney, urine, feces, and away from the body organic silicium. Dose of 20 ml is preferable, if possible, on an empty stomach, half an hour before main meals (lunch).